Advent Course 2020 – Wednesday 18th, 25th November, 2nd, 9th December 7.30 pm


festival_of_lights_450 (1)Join us for this year’s Advent course, ‘Freedom and Hope’, when in four sessions we will be exploring the Advent themes of freedom and hope through Bible study, music, art, and discussion:

We will begin on 18th November by looking at how the biblical story of the Exodus has shaped understandings of who God is, and how different groups have taken this story as their inspiration in their struggles for freedom.

  • On 25th November we will look at the second most significant story of liberation in the Hebrew Bible, the return from exile in Babylon, and the hopes that developed at this time for a future king or Messiah.

On 2nd December our focus will be on Jesus, and the extent to which he fulfilled or contradicted the hopes of his people. Why is a crucified Messiah a source of hope today? What does his resurrection mean?

Finally, on 9th December we will think about freedom and hope in the Christian life today. What kinds of freedom is the Christian faith concerned with? What does it mean to hope?

All sessions will start at 7.30 pm and will run via Zoom – details to follow.  Please see attached for further information.