Weddings & Banns







All Saints’ Church provides a beautiful, traditional and almost rural setting for a wedding.

In order to be eligible to marry at either All Saints’ Church or St Mary’s Church, you must either live within the parish (A Church near You) or be registered on the Parish Electoral Roll or should be able to demonstrate a Qualifying Connection to the parish, listed here.

If you are interested in marrying at All Saints’ Church, and have the necessary Qualifying Connection to the parish, please contact Lottie Clarke.

Parish of Putney wedding fees 2020

We are sorry, but we are unable to hold weddings on Sundays or Bank Holidays.


If you are getting married at All Saints’ Church, your banns will be automatically published at the church on 3 consecutive Sundays at the main 10.30am service, and you will be informed of the dates in advance.

If you are getting married at All Saints’ Church, and you live outside the parish you should note that in addition, you are responsible for arranging your banns to be published in your local parish church, and providing All Saints’ Church with a banns certificate before your wedding day to show that this has been done.

If you live in the parish but you are getting married elsewhere, you will be required to have your banns published in this parish prior to your wedding. This is done at St Mary’s Church only (not at All Saints’). Please email Antonia Wainman or ring her on 020 3903 4734 (Tues am/Thurs am) to arrange to have banns published at St Mary’s Church.

Check which parish you live in here