Our Soldier Project


poppy-transparentAt the back of All Saints’ Church, on two memorial plaques, are 72 names of men who died during WW1.

Only initials and surnames are detailed so we have been researching the names in order to find out who they were, where they lived, who their families were and much more.

There is currently a display at church, with lots of information about these men and their connections to Putney.

So far, these are the men we have been able to find information about:

Arthur Cyril Adams    Frank Esmond Alexander  Percy Lewis Burnand    Eric Nye Chart

Thomas Henry Christmas George Dean    Arthur Edward Down    George Arthur Down    

Walter Down      Arthur Goodman   Herbert Thomas Hearn    George Rosenbloom Lewis

Alfred Ernest Lindup   Frederick James Munden   George W V Musselwhite

Frederick William Perman   Albert John Tuck    Alfred Alexander Webb

Charles Edward Wells    Frank West   Duncan William Wise    Frazer Henry White