Vulindlela Guardians – sponsorship


Over the past 9 years Parish Action and the Parish of Putney, in  partnership with the Vulindlela Guardians, has enabled hundreds of orphans to go to primary school in Bulawayo, in our Link Diocese of Matabeleland (some of them pictured above). These are children who have one or no parents living, and who have no means to pay for a basic education without our help.

Primary School education costs just £90 per year/per child and £50 to feed a child per year

With your help and generosity, and in light of the current food shortages in Zimbabwe, we want to not only educate these children, but also feed them. The Vulindlela Guardians have started a feeding scheme, feeding the children e’Pap porridge twice a week, but with our support they would like to increase this to 5 x weekly.

We have recently been sent these photos


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Thank you for your generosity.