Parish Governance

Electoral Roll

All Saints’ Church is part of the Parish of Putney, an ecclesiastical parish with two churches, St Mary’s and All Saints’. Those who fulfil the criteria may apply for enrolment on the church electoral roll using this form:  ER Form

Parochial Church Council

The parish as a whole is governed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), chaired by the Team Rector, and has two churchwardens, one from each church (sometimes known as ‘parish wardens’).

The members of the Parochial Church Council:  PCC Members

The reports of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held in 2021:  APCM 2021-2022 report

The full statutory accounts of the Parish (for the year ending 31st December 2021), and to be approved at the APCM meeting: PARISH 2021 Accounts

Our next meeting takes place at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 10th May 2023 in the Scout Hut.

The Parochial Church Council met on Wednesday 8th February.

  • We decided to accept the Parish Action Committee’s nomination of Michelle Penn as the new chair of that committee.
  • We decided to drop Wandsworth Citizens as one of the Parish Action mission partners, leaving Wandsworth Foodbank, the Charlie Waller Trust, Christian Aid, Glassdoor and Regenerate.
  • We decided that the parish should join Youth Ministry in Communion, a collaboration with other London churches of a sacramental tradition, to help us with our youth work. We will pay £1,000 for the first year of membership.

District Church Council

Each church is governed by a District Church Council (DCC), chaired by the member of the clergy with responsibility for that church: All Saints’ DCC is chaired by the Team Vicar. Each church also has two deputy churchwardens (also known as ‘district wardens’).

The members of All Saints’ District Church Council: DCC Members 2021-2022

The reports of the Annual Church Meeting held on Sunday 8th May 2022:  ANNUAL REPORT 2021

Our next meeting will take place at 11.30 am on Sunday 7th May 2023 at All Saints’ Church.

The All Saints’ District Church Council met on Monday 20th February.

  • We discussed what to do with the fallen roundel (red textile disc) and the other four whose condition has deteriorated, and decided that all six should be taken down for safety reasons, possibly to be replaced in time with more durable decoration.
  • We decided to replace a broken heater in church and will attempt to raise the money by donations.
  • We discussed ways of stimulating more financial giving. A subcommittee will meet to discuss further.