‘God is love, and those who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.’ (1 John 4.16b)

Entering into marriage is a significant event in the life of a couple. Whether it comes early or late in the relationship, whether it comes before or after having children, it is a time to gather, to celebrate and to ask for God’s blessing. Christians recognize marriage as a ‘means of grace’, a way in which God’s love may be experienced, and when we celebrate a marriage in church that is what we pray for.

Within the authorized Marriage Service there is great flexibility in the choice of readings and music so that the occasion can be personal to each couple. The officiating minister will advise on Bible readings, and the Director of Music will be happy to discuss musical choices, along with the possibility of having a choir.

Unfortunately the Church of England does not yet conduct weddings for same-sex couples, but most opposite-sex couples have the right to be married in their parish church, or in another church with which they have a qualifying connection. We are also happy to hold a service of ‘prayer and dedication’ after a civil marriage or civil partnership ceremony (same-sex or opposite-sex).

To enquire about marriage or a service of prayer and dedication, please contact the Church Administrator, Hannah Deasy.

For more information about the fees for a marriage service at All Saints’, please click HERE

If you are planning on marrying at All Saints’, and would like to attend our Marriage Preparation Course, please contact Hannah for dates.