Theology in the Pantry

All welcome to a theology discussion group, meeting over a glass of wine in Putney Pantry, St Mary’s Church, High St, SW15 1SN. For atheists, sceptics and believers alike. Meetings begin with a short talk to get the discussion going.

Dates are as follows:

6th March: The Magpie Religion The strength of Christianity has been its ability to absorb elements of popular local religion, and this was especially true for the early church.  

13th March: What did Nietzsche mean by the ‘death of God’? The German philosopher’s attack on Christianity continues to haunt theologians. His radical critique of western society has been co-opted by secular causes of all kinds.   

20th March no meeting (WI in Putney Pantry)

 27th March: The Authority of the Bible. Holy writ surely needs interpretation and rarely provides answers, but to quote Matthew Arnold, it is ‘words thrown out at an immense reality, not fully understood by the author, but  can affect us with indescribable force’ .

How should we read scripture?

3rd April: Gethsemane. A reflection on the symbolism and significance of events that take place in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus, wracked with doubt and fear appeals to God ‘take this cup from me’ and gets no reply. It is a rare moment when we hear of his inner feelings. The disciples sleep, the cock crows; Jesus is betrayed and arrested.  

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