Your Will Matters

Making a will and updating it regularly is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to support your family, friends and causes that you love. Whatever your age, write a will and keep it up to date. Without a will, your loved ones could face a lot of work, trouble and expense after your death.

As Christians, we believe that we are God’s stewards, entrusted to use his gifts to us for the good of our family and our church family. In thanksgiving, we should also take will writing seriously, stewarding what we have, wisely.

Many Christians give regularly and proportionately from their income. Why not consider giving a lasting gift from your estate, too? A gift in your will helps our church to continue to play its part in our community.

How We Use Legacies

At All Saints’ we are grateful for all gifts in wills, however large or small, and we endeavour to use your gift to make a difference in our church and community.

Our policy is to use legacies to help fund large-scale projects. This could include buying equipment, or restoring or improving the fabric of the church for the benefit of generations to come.

Since needs and priorities change over the years, we encourage donors to allow the All Saints’ District Church Council to determine the most appropriate use of the gift in the light of current priorities. However, if requested we will discuss possible uses of the gift with your executors when the time comes. We will also make sure that gifts remain anonymous if you wish.

There are many different ways to leave a legacy, including leaving a percentage of your estate, leaving a specific amount, or leaving a gift that passes to the church after the death of a relative.

Please CLICK HERE to see our suggested wording and help with the practicality of will writing in relation to All Saints’ Church.

Barry Hamilton, a member of our congregation, would be happy to discuss your plans with you if that would be helpful. Our administrator Hannah Deasy (hannah.deasy@parishofputney.co.uk) can put you in touch with him.