Parish Action

Parish Action’s focus is to raise parish awareness in social issues relating to health, justice, poverty, education and refuge both locally and globally by providing a platform for event ideas that support our nominated charities both financially and in partnership by promoting their work. 

Summer Fundraising achievements

Regenerate is a local charity working in Roehampton, Putney and surrounding areas to inspire and support young people by building strong relationships and creating life changing opportunities; helping them grow in confidence, make the best of their lives and impact the world for good.

Get involved

Our current partner organisations are:


Please click on their websites to find out more information about each charity. 

We hope you all will learn about the organisations and help by:

  • Assisting with raising money and donations in kind to support our chosen organizations
  • Offering direct support to our chosen charities.
  • Linking us with what you do at school, Sunday school, work or home to make sure we have maximum impact.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Parish Action or would like to help with our fundraising activities, please contact the church office on

Selection of our partner organisations

Selection of our charities is made in consultation with the congregation via a parish-wide survey every three years.   Each chosen charity is assisted for a period of three consecutive years at which point they can tender for one further period of tenure alongside new suggestions. Charities where volunteering opportunities are possible are particularly encouraged because we are equally interested in our journey and community as well as the funds that we raise. We welcome the promotion of new charities within the parish and if anyone would like to propose a new charity that is close to their hearts, please do let us know.