Parish Governance

Electoral Roll

All Saints’ Church is part of the Parish of Putney, an ecclesiastical parish with two churches, St Mary’s and All Saints’. Those who fulfil the criteria may apply for enrolment on the church electoral roll using this form:  ER Form

Parochial Church Council

The parish as a whole is governed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), chaired by the Team Rector, and has two churchwardens, one from each church (sometimes known as ‘parish wardens’).

Current members of the Parochial Church Council:  PCC Members 2023-24

Dates of 2024 meetings:  Wednesday 22nd May (APCM), Wednesday 3rd July, Wednesday 11th September and Wednesday 6th November.

The reports of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2023 including the full statutory accounts of the Parish (for the year ending 31st December 2022),:  2022 report

Meeting of the Parishioners and APCM

The meeting of the parishioners and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place on Wednesday 10th May.

  • At the meeting of the parishioners Andrew Grocott and Sarah Thomas were elected as churchwardens for the parish, to serve one-year terms.
  • At the APCM the reports and accounts of the parish for 2022 were received.


The Parochial Church Council met on Wednesday 31st January.

  • We appointed a new foundation governor to All Saints’ Primary School.
  • We agreed that we should pay a membership donation of £1,000 towards being part of Youth Ministry in Communion, and we heard about plans to set up a similar youth ministry
    network in our area.
  • We discussed safeguarding policy, including safer recruitment, and agreed on work that
    needs to be done.
  • We approved new terms of reference for the Parish Action Committee, which continues to regroup and restructure under its new chair, Michelle Penn.


District Church Council

Each church is governed by a District Church Council (DCC), chaired by the member of the clergy with responsibility for that church: All Saints’ DCC is chaired by the Team Vicar. Each church also has two deputy churchwardens (also known as ‘district wardens’).

The members of All Saints’ District Church Council: DCC Members 2023-2024

Dates of 2024 Meetings: Tuesday 19th March, Sunday 21st April (ACM), Wednesday 12th June, Wednesday 9th October and Wednesday 27th November.

The report for the Annual Church Meeting which was held on Sunday 7th May 2023:  ANNUAL REPORT 2022

All Saints’ ACM – The All Saints’ Annual Church Meeting took place on Sunday 7th May.

  • We elected Alison Fleming and Olly Todd as deputy churchwardens (district wardens), both to serve one-year terms.
  • We elected Eve Bradshaw, Rosie Taylor-Davies, and Jane Turner as our representatives on Deanery Synod, all to serve three-year terms.
  • We elected Catherine Collyer to the PCC to serve a three-year term.
  • We elected Gemma Duncan, James Lewis, and Christopher McVey to the DCC to serve three-year terms.
  • At a DCC meeting immediately following the ACM, we elected Eve Bradshaw as the Deanery Synod representative who will sit on the DCC, and we appointed Gemma Duncan as DCC Secretary and James Lewis as DCC Treasurer. We also co-opted Catherine Collyer to the DCC.


The All Saints’ District Church Council met on Wednesday 17th January.

  • We discussed how best to maintain and develop our church garden, which requires a lot of work. As a first step, we will attempt to raise the profile of gardening as a volunteering opportunity.
  • With certain provisos, we agreed to a proposal from All Saints’ Primary School that the church
    garden be used in a limited way for outdoor learning from September. 
  • We agreed to a proposal to make available to our congregation the Bible Reading Fellowship’s
    quarterly notes on daily Bible readings, starting in Lent.
  • We discussed the anniversary ‘birthday list’, and various items of building and garden
    maintenance, including pollarding the trees this winter.


If you would like to know more about any of these things, please speak to clergy, wardens, or PCC and DCC secretaries.